Turn Your Love for Gardening
Into a Sustainable Business!

Have You Been Thinking of Opening a Hydroponics Store?

Hydroponics and Organics is one of the fastest growing industries ever seen in our modern age. It’s also approaching saturation levels at unprecedented speeds. Is it too late to get in? Not at all. Should you have an expert partner to help you get started? We think so.

We’re Gardening Unlimited, one of the fastest growing retailers in the hydroponics industry, and we’re doing it alongside motivated people like you. We originally started 11 years ago as Santa Cruz Hydroponics and Organics with one location on the Westside of Santa Cruz, California, and we’ve blossomed to a collective of 13 stores across the country. Our 14th location is opening soon and more are on the way.

Why Partner With Us?

Gardening Unlimited has a proven systematic and time-tested business approach to help make the company more successful. We are not a franchise. As a partner, we don’t take royalties. You’ll get access to the key elements of our business practices and trade secrets that have driven our success in the hydroponics and organics industry for over a decade. As a partner with Gardening Unlimited, you will be positioned as a leader in the industry.

How ‘bout some green? By partnering with us, you will also enjoy Partner Preferred Pricing on over 3000 retail items, access to premiere vendors and products, Co-Op Advertising programs, and new product launches before most of your competitors.

We’ve Got Your Back.

And your back office. Not only does a partnership with Gardening Unlimited give you countless benefits on your store floor, we also take care of you in the back-end as well. Our business model will provide you with all the key support services you need, including inventory controls, purchasing assistance, hiring staff, accounting, payroll, sales tax and tax preparation, invoice tracking and payment systems. But, we don’t stop there. We provide product training, start-up assistance (including over 200 hours of training at Gardening Unlimited’s stores and offices), and a dedicated member of our team will work with you at the new store for a minimum of 3 weeks to help you with the opening of the new business.

We have a full-service, in-house Marketing department that will help you create a logo and brand image. They’ll put together a marketing campaign that could include internet, radio, print, social media and more, and they’ll help you establish a reasonable budget to see that you achieve your growth objectives.

Do You Currently Own a Hydroponics Store?

If you’re an existing Hydro-Store owner, we can help you too. We see many retailers who got into this business with thoughts of modest growth and a comfortable life-style, who are now overwhelmed by the explosive growth of the industry. Many don’t have sufficient back-end support or experience to manage the growth they’re experiencing, and we’ve been able to provide them with a clear path forward.

Or, perhaps you’re doing well with your single location but are interested in increasing your sales, margins and overall presence in your region. We can help you evaluate the saturation level of the market you’re in, investigate new, un-tapped markets for you, and negotiate deals on future locations for your business. Either way, partnering with Gardening Unlimited means you’re benefiting from the preferred pricing, marketing and back-office advantages as a new owner-partner would, with the freedom to focus on growing the business.

Grow With Us.

The indoor horticulture, hydroponic and organic gardening markets has quickly become a billion dollar industry, and many financial experts view it as still being in its infancy. Exciting times, to be sure. But this level of growth brings fierce competition, reduced profits, and trends that change daily. Partnering with Gardening Unlimited helps ensure more than just your survival in this business—we help ensure your success.

Gardening Unlimited was founded on the principle of giving our customers the “Best possible service, selection and pricing. Period.” We’ve always extended that philosophy to our partner stores as well, and invite you to talk to us about your hopes and dreams. For more information on how we can help you open or expand your hydroponic business, contact us at partners@gardeningunlimited, or (831) 457-1236. We look forward to working with you and helping your store grow, by sharing our recipe for success.

“Through GUIs help, I now have the shop that would’ve taken 5+ years to build, and we did it within months.
If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

– Gardening Unlimited Partner

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