Mills Nutrients Product Breakdown

Basis A&B is the “meat and potatoes” of the Mills line. With the addition of Start-R during the vegetative cycle or C4 and Ultimate PK during the blooming cycle the N-P-K values for the system are adjusted for the period of growth. Now with Mills Vitalize our customers are finding the final product having more appeal and more potency than ever. We recently met with Mills Nutrients so that we could go into more detail with each of their products so you can see the benefits this nutrient program that is building a huge following can bring to your garden.

So what makes Mills Nutrients system different from all the other programs available to you?


The Basis A&B two-part nutrient system is the foundation of Mill’s nutrient line. All of the essential micro and macro nutrients are in these two bottles, separating the important elements to keep them soluble until you mix them together. Just like any other two part nutrient, Basis A&B is mixed in equal parts to create a base for your nutrient solution. The amount per gallon of Basis A&B ranges from 4ml for very young, tender, or light feeding plants up to 26ml which we have found to be around the max for heavy feeding plants. You can check out the Mills Nutrients FEEDING CHART to see how the dosage varies.

Basis A has higher than normal amounts of Calcium (Ca 4%) along with Red Iron (Fe) which is absorbed by the plant in a broader pH range [Yellow Iron (Fe) is what most nutrients contain which is a cheaper source of Iron (Fe) and only available to the plant at a narrow pH range].
Basis B has higher than normal amounts of Magnesium (Mg 1%) along with Molybdenum.


portfolio_group_startR_large_2This incredibly complex bio-stimulant is intended for use with seedlings, vegetatively growing plants and plants in early bloom. Consisting of 5% Nitrogen (2% from Ammoniacal N), the highest quality cold pressed seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) sourced from an Irish based Kelp (naturally contains higher levels of Auxinsand Cytokinin), Humic acid and Fulvic acid, and 18 L-Amino acids.

Start-R is the most comprehensive growth stimulator on the market with the highest quality, preeminent ingredients.

Basis A&B in combination with Start-R is a complete formula for vegetatively growing plants.


portfolio_group_c4-v2_large_2Designed to assist the plants delivery of carbohydrates, macro and micro nutrients, and trace minerals to developing flowers and facilitate the triggering and maturation of complex essential oils. Appropriate for the early and mid stages of flower development.

C4 contains L-Amino acids which break down decaying organic material (dead roots) into carbohydrates, Humic/Fulvic acid, the highest quality cold pressed seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) sourced from the North Atlantic sea (naturally contains higher levels of Auxins and Cytokinin), and trace minerals that supply micro and macro nutrients to this blend. C4 works in conjunction with beneficial biologics to feed tender flower sites and maintain overall health of the plant.

Very basically, this is what a developing flower needs to outperform. C4 is designed to set your plant up to realize it’s full potential.

Ultimate PK

portfolio_group_PK_large_2Intended for use in the last weeks of flower development, Ultimate PK is a unique Phosphite based bloom stimulant. The use of Phosphites are widely used in European agriculture and have a reduction effect that increases oxygen in the root zone and stimulates root growth. the phosphite converts into phosphates and are know more easily absorbed by the plant.

Specifically for late stage flower and fruit development and essential oil production. Ultimate PK is a deep clean for your plants root zone. Hardener, Bulker, Ripener, very clean and super soluble mineral salts.

Keep this product at room temperature. Do not allow it to freeze.


The newest addition to the Mills line up is our Mono-Silicic Acid product. Silicic acid is a readily available form of silicates. The manufacture Rexill Agro is the inventor of silicic acid technology and on the forefront of development in the field. The use of silicic acid helps builds the plants natural defense to environmental stresses.

It will increase yields, brix content, and increase shelf life of produce. It also works symbiotically with biological activity found in the media and is derived predominately from natural sources. It should be used star to finish at the rate of 0.5ml per gallon and reduced to 0.25ml per gallon at the start of week 5 of flower.

Tip: It is essential to always add Vitalize first and mix thoroughly before adding other products.

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