Rolling Benching for Greenhouses

By December Kennedy

Rolling Top Benching- How to optimize your canopy

2015 has undoubtedly been the year of the greenhouse with brand new large scale facilities popping up nationwide. A state-of-the-industry survey conducted by ‘Greenhouse Grower’s’ gavita-tour_35indicated a staggering increase in new greenhouse construction by a whopping 47%. With this trend showing no signs of slowing down, we at Gardening Unlimited have embraced the long employed technology used in greenhouses across the globe, and aim to educate our customers on how to most easily increase yield and productivity within their systems. This article will outline one such technology, the oft-overlooked yet overtly simple use of rolling top benching and the benefits of this benching to both business and plants alike.

Whether you are growing organic heirloom tomatoes, fields of vibrant colorful flowers, or high-grade medical cannabis, there remains one universal truth in the commercial agricultural market- you cannot make money where you grow no plants. Large pathways and center aisles running the entire length of your greenhouse consume that very valuable real estate, decreasing yield and shrinking margins, yet you still need to maneuver around plants in order to maintain them effectively enough to turn a profit. Many growers simply resigned to lose that additional canopy because they just did not know that there was another way, but there is.

This question has a surprisingly simplistic answer, one already employed by commercial growers world wide.  Rolling benching, are actually long static platforms designed to hold your crop while rolling back and forth on castors or wheels, can single-handedly increase yield dramatically by eliminating these wide alleyways of barren concrete and replacing the once unusable space with flourishing (and profitable) plant life. A mere 18-inch aisle way inside of a greenhouse or grow room uses only 67% of your available floor space, but with the convenience of rolling benches and their floating aisle-ways, you use over 90% of your growing space with no increase in electrical costs of man-power. a 23% increase in yield guaranteed, and more if your aisles are even larger. These benching systems can be moved easily by one person or automated completely to open and close aisles at will for unbridled access to every plant inside your facility. Commercial rolling benching allows for your entire facility to become the money-generating canopy of your choice, increasing yield and maximizing productivity.Softhdr

Rolling benches have many additional benefits to boast. Aside from the increased access to each plant in your garden, rolling benches are clean, can be sanitized easily, and move with very little effort. Bringing plants up off of the floor onto these large metal trays allows for proper and efficient aeration under the benching, limiting the proliferation of common problems such as molds and mildews that plague many professional growers, while promoting healthy and vigorous root growth through air pruning. Rolling benches can be custom designed to fit your facility and are a long-term solution to avoiding the costly construction of commonly used wooden benching that needs yearly replacement and/or caustic chemical treatments to discourage the growth of those same molds and mildews. These benching systems can be custom built for specific crop heights, whether for flower or vegetative rooms and are flexible enough for custom fitted ebb and flow systems, built at a fraction of the costs of hobby plastics. Whatever growing style you employ, rolling benches can work for you.

Drastically increasing yield without the additional expenses of power or lighting upgrades, rolling benches also minimize the labor costs necessary to water and monitor your garden resulting in increasing efficiency and profitability for your entire business.

Rolling Benches are the single most efficient low-tech solution to increasing yield and production by literal leaps and bounds. The simple yet cost effective design of a rolling bench can turn your facility into a cash-generating powerhouse, pushing your productivity far above the competition.

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