Featured Product – HyperLogic Water Filtration System

For commercial growers, clean water is essential to a consistently stable healthy crop.  If you need a lot of water, you must check out the HyperLogic commercial reverse osmosis system. Innovative design, functionality and ease of use make the HyperLogic the number one choice in membrane filtration technology for master commercial growers. Built in the U.S., the HyperLogic is an expandable water filtration system with high flow rates of 2000-19,000 GPD (Gallons Per Day). The Hyper-Logic comes stock with one membrane encased in a stainless steel membrane pressure vessel that is capable of producing up to 2000 GPD. Simply add additional 2000 GPD membranes as needed to reach your daily water requirements. Membrane add-on kits allow you to increase flow rates up to 10,000 GPD. If you need more water, The Mega is a “bolt on” water filtration expansion unit that can be added to your HyperLogic to further increase flow rates up to 19,000 GPD! High efficiency, ultra-low energy reverse osmosis membranes allows the system to work flawlessly with city water or as a well water filtration system. Heavy salts are not a problem. The HyperLogic can be custom designed to work in any poor water quality situation including ultra high levels of calcium, iron or sulphur which can quickly destroy average water filters.

The brains of the system is the microprocessor computer controller. This easy to use digital control center features a backlit LED read-out making controlling and maintaining your commercial RO system a snap. It allows for total automation of every stage of the entire filtration process. You can wire in all pre-filtration to the pre-treat lockout contacts and when that pre-filtration is regenerating or backwashing the RO will not call for untreated water. It safeguards the membranes against pulling in untreated source water. The controller also allows you to diagnose problems such as low PPM rejection and low pressure faults. It shows you real time performance specs such as PPM of inlet/outlet water, temperature, how many hours the RO has been in operation, % PPM rejection, and operating status. You can wire in a variety of float switch and pressure tank options making topping off the tanks and turning the RO on and off automatic. You can customize the programming of the RO’s auto flush feature, keeping your membranes free of scale and build-up. A proper, user friendly, computer controller is an integral part to any professional grade commercial machine. Here are the major features of the controller:

• Inlet solenoid valve

• Delayed start-up of high pressure pump

• Feed water membrane flush at system shut-down

• Start-up and shut-down with tank level

• Product TDS Quality (PPM)

• Percent rejection of TDS

• Pre-treatment backwash/lockout

• LED indicator light for system status/alarm

• LED indicator light for water quality (TDS)

• Low pressure shut-down and automatic restart

• Front panel access port for calibration of TDS sensor

The HyperLogic also includes 7 externally mounted gauges that manually monitor key readings so you will always know that your system is running optimal. Two gauges monitor pre-filter inlet and outlet pressure to alert you when the pre-filters need changed. The pre-filter is your system’s first line of defense and the filters should never be allowed to get past their useful lifespan. Two more gauges read recycle water pressure and total system water pressure so you can immediately see if any problems are lurking under the surface. There are also three flow meters that measure concentrate (waste) water flow, recycled concentrate (waste) water flow and permeate (end product water) flow. These three flow meters will help you optimize your water usage at all stages of production. The flow meters are particularly useful when setting water ratios. One key feature of this water treatment system is the ability to adjust drain water ratios as low as 4 parts product water to 1 part waste water! Never before has such a powerful and efficient water purification machine been available at such a competitive price. Hydrologic Purification Systems also carries an entire supporting line of commercial pre and post treatment products compliments the Hyper-Logic RO and allows you to treat even the worst quality water.

For over a decade HydroLogic has been making premium quality water filtration systems for hydroponics, garden, home and now commercial use. The HyperLogic meets all the expectations of the commercial grower or extreme gardening enthusiast yet is designed for simple operation and expansion. The HyperLogic comes complete with easy to follow installation instructions for your contractor or qualified installer. For more information on the HyperLogic or any any other filtration systems from Hydrologic, contact us at or at any one of our Gardening Unlimited retail locations.

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