The Gavita Pro 1000w Complete

 We have an odd way of judging products here at Gardening Unlimited and eHydroponics, we listen to our customers. Product salespeople talk a great game but the customer always gives you the straight dirt. Gavita Horticultural Lighting has excellent salespeople, but that’s not why we think Gavita lights are the best grow light on the market right now. Let’s just say, the customer is always right. And these days the customers want Gavita.


 So what exactly makes the Gavita Pro 1000w Complete such a great grow light? (Hint: we saved the best for last). For starters it is capable of producing frequencies in excess of 100,000 Hz. That is some serious Top Gear power under the hood. This high frequency capability is why the Gavita Pro Complete is matched up with the Philips Green Power 1000w HPS 400V double ended lamp. It’s the only double ended grow bulb available that can handle those high frequencies. When used on a compatible light system, the Philips 400V double ended bulb has the highest PAR light output and the best light maintenance of any grow bulb on the market achieving >95% PAR light over one year of use. So it’s bright, real bright. In fact it’s the brightest 1000w system we have ever tested. But that is not the only reason we like this grow light.

 The Gavita Pro Complete has also made replacing your reflector cheap and affordable. The Gavita Pro Complete uses a Hortistar 1000w DE Micro Aluminum reflector that has a 96% reflective efficiency. Reflectors wear out over time and lose reflectivity due to oxidation and dust build-up. Replacing them can be costly and laborious. Usually reflectors using high end Micro Aluminum will cost in excess of $200. But the Gavita Hortistar Reflector can be purchased for under $100 and it is easily removed and replaced by unscrewing 2 eye bolts. That means you can affordably swap out your reflector for maximum light output and yield. But there is still so much to say about this light.

 The Gavita Pro Complete has also eliminated the lamp cord that runs from the ballast to the reflector and simultaneously has eliminated any RF interface associated with that cord. Removing the lamp cord not only obliterates issues with lamp cord RF interference but it also allows the light to run more efficiently improving overall performance. Can you imagine a Dutch greenhouse with 5000 lights putting off RF interference? Good luck making a phone call or landing a plane nearby. But they don’t have that problem because they use Gavita lighting. So we know Gavita is on the cutting edge of grow light technology but we saved the best technology for last. Plug and play technology to be more exact.

 Arriving sometime in late April 2014 are the new web-enabled Gavita Pro 1000w Complete, Gavita Pro 600w Complete and the Gavita Digistar remote ballast. These new lighting systems will have the ability to connect up to 80 Gavita grow lights to the Gavita Master EL1 or EL2 Controller. Once connected you will have the ability to control all your lights from a remote location using your desktop, laptop or smartphone. The EL1 and EL2 features will include a central lighting switch to dim or boost all your lights, flip your lights on and off in 2 rooms with alternating 12 hour cycles and run auxiliary equipment like pumps and fans. These master control modules will also  include a dimming feature which slowly reduces output on your lights when your pre-set high temperature is eclipsed. By slowly dimming the lights, maximum output is maintained while simultaneously correcting the temperature issue. The module also has an emergency feature that will completely shut down your lights if your area reaches an unsafe temperature. Lighting control has never been easier.

 The customer has spoken, the Gavita horticulture light systems are the prefered light by today’s demanding grower. and Gardening Unlimited are very happy to be a preferred dealer of all Gavita Horticultural products. If you want to know more about the Gavita brand or their products please contact us at anytime. As a preferred Gavita dealer we are prepared to offer you the best cost and service on your next Gavita purchase. Grow with the best, Gavita Lighting.

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