Biologic Systems comes to Gardening Unlimited

BioLogic Systems is a California-based company that provides consulting services and products for the holistic management of farm, orchard, pasture, vineyard, garden, turf, landscape and bio-remediation projects. At BioLogic, our team of specialists, comprised of Ph.D agronomists and broad landscape designers, recognize that every ecosystem is unique, and therefore its management requires a unique approach. At BioLogic, we individually assess and design specific systems for our clients based on our two key concepts; The Four Cornerstones of Ecosystem Stability, and the Regenerative Design Sequence.

BioLogic Systems is headed up by Ian Davidson, who in the past several years has become one of the leaders in this new, emerging, progressive organic movement that puts its main emphasis on the importance of the soil-food-web, and holisitic design.  BioLogic Systems is advised by two of the most important thinkers on this subject…Elaine Ingham, the founder of Soil Food Web Inc. and Paul Stamets, well known writer, mycologist and remediation expert.  Anyone familiar with these two authors can understand the profound implications of their work in relation to what Ian and his crew have set out to do.

While BioLogic has a wide range of tea brewing products; from the brewers to all the amendments and additives one could need, their greatest impact on this industry is having someone who understands these complex concepts so well, that he can then with grace and ease teach a room full of people, and get them to his level.  Ian Davidson and his company BioLogic Systems are on the progressive edge of the organic movement.  They know what they are talking about.  They have sound science to back them up, and they have a contagious enthusiasm that helps to keep this train moving forward.

We were very blessed to have Ian come down and spend a weekend with us.  We all learned a lot, and should be better gardeners for it.  Even for some of our crew, who are proficient organic gardeners, walked away from Ian’s seminar learning a couple of things.



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